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Jcbenergy Generator Factory is Always looking to maintain the satisfaction of its customers at the maximum level by providing fast service with high efficiency through teamwork and synergy as a team to achieve this, we work side by side with the best and most powerful engine manufacturers in the world, our company sets its sales policy with distinction to provide a wide service network and a huge distribution network Quality reliability and continuity

We rely on integrated production processes that ensure that all of our products are designed with the highest level of quality and performance thanks to the expertise to be delivered safely to the buyer whose business is always based on strong experiences.

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Our Colleagues

JCB Energy Domestic Sales Consultant

Nurşah Demirci

She is a Domestic Sales Representative who is experienced in the field of sales and has many certificates and gives importance to
the opinions of the customers.

JCB Energy International Sales Consultant

Zeynep Melek

She is an Overseas Sales Representative who has received a lot of training abroad, understands and adopts the needs
of customers very well.